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the day before the grand depart

I'm just out of shot here on a warm up ride with some friends.

Actually, even on a virtual ride, that isn't true. I was in fact standing in a ditch on the downslope of the Tourmalet as Wiggo, tailed by Froomey, passed en route to winning the Tour in 2012. Milo is next to me somewhat bruised by the hail of keyrings and madeleines from the publicity floats that preceded the peleton. (If you like images of cyclists, there are more on the Peleton page of this website).

But I am warming up - today to the music of Kenny Rogers whose death was announced this morning. Remember the one about the Vietnam veteran Ruby, Don't Take Your Love to Town? Though perhaps the best indictment of Vietnam and the treatment of veterans is Bruce Springsteen's Born in the USA - click here. Strangely, the Council on Foreign Relations seems to have overlooked both these in their list of the 20 best Vietnam Protest songs - click here.

Currently playing on my headphones is one Kenny Rogers sang with Dolly Parton - worth a listen and a look for the sheer Americana of it - Islands in the Stream click here.

So - bis Morgen. The Grand Depart is at 2.30pm UK time.

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