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DAY TWO (still): Kollwitz in 3-D

I was thinking, as I swung into the saddle, that my favourite Kollwitz is The Parents - the one where wife and husband are kneeling on the floor, arms wrapped round each other, mourning the death of their son in the trenches. Kollwitz lost her son early in the war. It's this one:

And just at that moment, these images appeared on my phone. They are by Therese Melville, an artist, sculptor and potter. Inspired by the image, she set herself "an exercise to explore the other side of Kate Kollwitz's woodcut. So here it is, front and back. The next step would be to extract the essential form and be less literal" - though in its literal form, it makes a wonderful and moving sculpture:

Thank you, Therese (and I apologise that your name does not have its acute and grave accents).

Sadly, we have to leave Kathe Kollwitz here - ahead lie a sponsored 100 hours of cycling - so vorwärts immer, rückwärts nimmer!

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