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Meirion Harries’ exhibition in March 2017 - offered in the era of Trump, Brexit and Le Pen - asked just how different are we from one another?  And does preserving our differences justify walls, borders and expulsions?


‘Faces from the Continuum’ presented images across time and space: Thracian death masks and the faces from English alabaster tomb sculptures, Orthodox icons and medieval frescoes; Communist dictators,  the poor and dispossessed, riders in the Tour de France, Edinburgh Festival street performers.


This exhibition asked if race, culture, religion, region and era really separate us - or are they irrelevant to the understanding of what it means to be human? Do we exist solely in our here and now, or as part of a continuum of humanity stretching through time and across our planet? Will you recognise the people gazing at you from the walls of the Hepsibah Gallery – from 5,000 years ago or from today – as part of you?